Changes – Radioactive

26 thoughts on “Changes – Radioactive”

  1. Hey! i just heard this song on the airwaves after many years and wanted to get the track but it seems a little hard to find! Do you have the mp3? If not, any idea where to get this CD? Many Thanks!/Jamie

    1. hi Jamie,

      Yes, I have this song on my itune playlist. Honestly, you can’t really find this record at stores now…or least that what I found out a few years ago. I reckon this song must be like an oldie now. Let me see if I can find it or not…keep you posted..

  2. Hi there, Im browsing to get this song…! cant even get the guitar chords from the net. my favourite local too… but no luck.
    need help……

      1. Whoa! Thanks a million man. I appraeciated that. If there is anything which I can return as a favour…. drop me a mail yea..!


  3. Hey Diligo, wondering if you would be so kind to throw me a link for this song. It’s pretty hard to find. Very much appreciated in advance!

  4. Hi Diligo,

    Any chance you can forward me the song, changes by radioactive?=)
    Hv been searching high n low for this song but it seems so hard to find!I really like this song very much..hope you can help me..
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!many thanks to you!!=)=)

    1. After so many requests, I think I had better stop sending this song around..Maybe I should go check out HMV if they still got a copy of eyes in the attic or not. .Feels bad to keep sending this song out. So, I decided…no more sending of this song 😀

  5. Hi Diligo,

    I chanced up on your blog 3 weeks LATE!
    Heard “changes” on Class 95 few days back, brought back my secondary school memories, and was trying to look for it, but to no avail.
    Googled it, and saw your blog.

    I know you mentioned you’re not sending it out anymore, but I believed you’re the last link to this song? So, could you please email me the song?

  6. I know that you’ve stopped sending the song.. but could you please please please upload it to youtube so that everyone can listen to it? I’ve recently heard it on radio and I was filled with nostalgia… Those days when Naked, Kick, Watchmen, Lizards Convention, Humpback Oak, Padres, Lovehunters, The Black Sun, Art Fazil, etc ruled the local airwaves… sighs. Really looking forward to hearing the song again. Thanks in advance! =)

  7. Hi Diligo,

    Could you be so kind to send just 1 more? its almost impossible to find it already!! i had to search by lyrics to get to your site, and it seems only you have a site on this song! Could you Please please please send to me??

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