Checking out the view

The last time I came up here, I brought my boss for a sunset drink. Today, we had lunch at stellar. Pretty stellar food, I must say. Don’t ask me about the price cos I didn’t have to pay. Angus rib eye fillet as my main course preceding this, the appetizer consisting of crab meat.. … Continue reading Checking out the view

Goodbye, lady Atrina

再见!.. We are down to the last week at our home, we call our lily pad at atrina. November 2006, we decided to apply for hdb flat; our queue number was 360, and you weren’t our first choice but it turn out you were the best choice. From setting up home, the Reno works, wedding … Continue reading Goodbye, lady Atrina

I am scary….

I am scary…I don’t mean Wesley is trying to frighten us or what. Actually what Wes meant was that he is scared of something. Little bits of his growing up I will come to forget in time to come. Already I have forgotten bits of him when he was a baby, premature at 36 weeks … Continue reading I am scary….