Checking out the view


The last time I came up here, I brought my boss for a sunset drink. Today, we had lunch at stellar. Pretty stellar food, I must say. Don’t ask me about the price cos I didn’t have to pay.


Angus rib eye fillet as my main course preceding this, the appetizer consisting of crab meat..


..awesome food n a nice view..


I be back I guess..

Goodbye, lady Atrina

再见!.. We are down to the last week at our home, we call our lily pad at atrina.


November 2006, we decided to apply for hdb flat; our queue number was 360, and you weren’t our first choice but it turn out you were the best choice.

From setting up home, the Reno works, wedding preparations, the wedding, the house warming, the arrival of both Wesley and Emsley, changing of jobs; you witnessed it all.

Truly, I will miss the moments that we have shared, the dishes cooked, the fights and quarrels that you witnessed.. The raising of Wesley and Emsley, you have witnessed, the joy of discovering that we are going to be parents. All much more.. Who could forget going out during rainy days it is an non issue.

To our neighbors, to the auntie whom watched Wesley grew, we are so going to miss Wesley running to you each morning.

To Amy and Harry, for all the treats from Indonesia and beyond, the nice dinner you cooked for us when linda discharged from hospital after giving birth to baby emsley. One cannot ask for better neighbors.

It was our privilege to be able to stay together and we shall leave to your new owner this Saturday albeit a great tinge of sadness.

I am scary….

I am scary…I don’t mean Wesley is trying to frighten us or what. Actually what Wes meant was that he is scared of something. Little bits of his growing up I will come to forget in time to come. Already I have forgotten bits of him when he was a baby, premature at 36 weeks and 1 day old. Having to endure an operation with GA. He was that shy little baby that hardly cry for milk. Soft and gentle if my memory served me well; I do recall that sweet dimple of his; Wes loves water, in fact as a little baby when we took him to hua Xia for baby spa, he took to water, without tears. Almost 4 years on, he is still love water, probably this came from me? Still doesn’t like his fruits, although everyone including those from nuture stars school tried but to no avail. Next, we have been able to get him off the diapers during afternoon naps largely thanks to committed teachers like sandy and Zhou 老师。

Palate wise, we tried to encourage and introduce him to a variety of food but Wes still loves his dark sauce. The funny boy often ask us what do you want to order; most of the time, when he is playing his play doh or kitchen toys. Yup, he loves his play doh and the age he is now, making a mess is all but a certainty.

Recently, he asked me daddy, can you read me some stories, of course I complied, read him 5 stories and at the little red riding hood, he said:” Daddy, I am scary.” It was a funny moment, since he was referring to the big bad wolf and not himself. If he is scary, then what becomes of the world, I chuckled. And there there was a couple of times, he invited me to sleep with him, a mummy only exclusive until lately. Not that I am complaining but truly I am delighted when he does that.

Of course, there is still issue of him being addicted to TV and iPad for that matter. We as parents kinda so guilty of in the days of smart phones and such.

Time truly flies when you have kids in your life. Just the other day, someone commented that one plus one does not equal to 2; growing up with a 5 month old baby and a boy of 4; the numbers don’t add up but the rewards immense

Froggie attempts to cook pork chops

Finally attempted this dish that I ate quite a while a go.

Hainanese pork chops with fries

1. Pork, loin meat preferred
2. Potatoes x 4
3. Oatmeal biscuits x 8
4. Eggs x 1

1. Tomato sauce x 5 tbps
2. Worscheshire Sauce x 2 tbps
3. Onion x 1
4. Peas
5. Oyster sauce x 2 tbps
6. Water
7. Corn flour

1. Marinate tenderized pork loin or chops with pepper, light soya sauce
2. Coat with biscuit crumbs after dipping pork chop into egg
3. Ensure proper coating
4. Deep fry pork chops till surface turn golden brown and crisp
5. Complete all pork chops and set aside

1. Skinned them and cut into thick chunks
2. Deep fry them.
3. Set aside
Tip: you can deep fry the potatoes first followed by the pork. Most efficient and no residue when cooking fries or chops.

Sauce prep
1. Stir fry onion and aromatic
2. Add ketchup, followed by worschesire sauce, oyster sauce
3. Add peas and chunks of potatoes into the sauce. Keep stirring
4. Get ready to thicken the mix, add some corn flour water into the sauce. Slowly stirring it in till the sauce boil.
5. Sugar is subjective, when I cook I seldom add sugar or follow pre determined amount based in recipes. I follow and feel for the right amount :)