Home is where the heart is….

4 thoughts on “Home is where the heart is….”

  1. Hi Wynx,

    Love your design on the kitchen.
    Can you email me your address details as HDB has reject my request to hack the kitchen walls.
    I am staying at 273A

  2. Hi there.. Raymond…

    My address is at 272s..Actually don’t see why I should disclose my address to you since we are of different blocks..The submission and application is done by my ID. Actually what are you trying to hack away?

  3. Thanks for your advice. I want to remove the wall beside the entrance to the kitchen for open concept. But the reply i got from HDB is that the walls are made of Reinforce Concrete and therefore need a PE to approve.

  4. Hey..Raymond…Sir..If HDB needs you to get PE Endorsement..you need PE Endorsement..there’s no 2 ways about that…Anyhow, surely you want to have peace of mind when you sleep at night, right? I think that’s a fair safeguard to protect the building’s structure..

    As for mine, my ID did all the submission for me..so I am not sure what went on there…

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