Is Love blind?

One thought on “Is Love blind?”

  1. it sure is ironic, but the truth always is…isn’t it?

    most people never realise…not that they don’t admit…but subconciously they have this idea that the other person will change for the better…that if they are the one in the r/s instead…things might just not be the same.

    one tends to get hypnotize by love, that they choose not to see the bad. all sorts of excuses will be formed to counter them…then like magic…voila! the bad are gone!

    but how long can one be blinded…how high can ones’ tolerance level be…how long can one maintain the change?

    learn the art of acceptance…to accept a person as he/she is, the things he/she does. change only for the better of oneself, for the better of the r/s…change with 101% of willingness, without the feeling of being compelled. only when one doesn’t feel suffocated in doing so…not even a pinch of it…will it last.

    the world looks beautiful in the eyes of love…

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